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Huskies Unleashed

Huskies Unleashed

“In the darkest corners of my closet”

AP Language and Composition Ode

In the darkest corners of my closet, an old shoe box resides

Once old and lifeless, but I saw your potential.


I cloaked you in True Black acrylic,

and sat impatiently waiting for the layers to dry

Stars, delicate and radiant green, I brushed upon your surface

An homage to those plastic constellations from my childhood nights, 

Pasted on the ceiling of my home now left behind.

I am Van Gogh, you are my starry night.


You, now protector of my most sacred memories,

A bearer of witness to echoed laughter and bittersweet tears,

you defy the thief that is father time, 

you restore my withering memories on those days

that I am reminded of your existence.


Oh memory box, who would I be without you? 

You are more than mere cardboard and paint, 

you’ve become a vessel that cradles the core of my being,

For my past, for my present, for my future,

You are the evidence of my existence. 

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