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Huskies Unleashed

Huskies Unleashed

“Ode to My Pooh Bear Stuffed Animal”

AP Language and Composition Ode
“Ode to My Pooh Bear Stuffed Animal”

Pooh came as a gift, a gift from my childhood,

a gift from I’m not even sure who,

a gift that forever be with me,

a gift that I adore. 


This Pooh bear of mine is a little stuffed animal made to look like Winnie the Pooh 

Pooh’s face is yellow like mustard 

Pooh’s clothes are a smooth beige color, 

So soft like nothing else imaginable 


Have you ever had something that makes you feel like a child again? 

That is what Pooh was to me

Pooh was the sun in the darkness 


And although you could say, 

“He is just a bear it doesn’t even matter its not that important”, 

For me this is something that has been with me through my highs and lows, 

This small little bear,

the small bear shaped like Winnie the Pooh,

that is smaller than most other stuffed animals,

Will forever be my favorite, 

My favorite because of the experiences, 

And no one, 

Not one person, 

Can take that away from me. 


My small Pooh bear stuffed animal will always be in my heart, 

From childhood to adulthood, 


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