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Huskies Unleashed

Huskies Unleashed

The Problem With the Alert System

A Problem with Safety

Many classrooms on this campus don’t allow phones inside. We set our phones in a bin, silence them to limit distractions during instruction, and get them back after class. I’ve also found often times our teachers also put their phones aside and on silent to show “fairness” and  “equality.” No one gets phones.

My problem with this first arose during one of our school lockdowns. I remember there was a potential threat on campus months ago, and students were instructed to head back to their dorms. However, I noticed many students and classrooms somehow still in session as no one seemed to have gotten the communication that there was potential danger. Teachers were educating, students were attentively listening all while outside the students who did have their phones outside were following the important, potentially life saving instructions.

This leads to a bigger problem when you realize the Commons doesn’t allow phones either. Silenced and in the bags. Silenced and in pockets. Silenced and.. now what on earth do we do if there’s a threat or intruder on campus? All of the Commons is in danger because we don’t allow phones out during meals? Most of Dunn is in danger because of this no phones policy?

My question is: Why has there been nothing done except test this new REACH program, that may I remind you is ON OUR PHONES.

All of this is to ultimately ask: Why should we rely on a rulebreaker, a kid having their phone out when they aren’t supposed to, for our safety?

There has been many suggestions thrown around in Advisory meetings suggesting that “only teachers have their phone out” or “one student gets to have their phone out” and while I think this is a temporary fix to an important issue, I don’t believe it is a sustainable one.

When is the time and place for enforcement of this rule? I remember when the Lewiston tragedy was occurring and the assailant was still at large…was it really appropriate to force students to put their phones away at brunch? We were texting our parents, checking the news for updates, and overall, looking out for our safety through our one form of communication: our phone.

How are we going to categorize phones as distractions on campus but at the same time have them as our only form of communication across campus? Are both of these true at the same time? If so, how are we going to ensure consistent, reliable safety across campus?

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