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Huskies Unleashed

Huskies Unleashed

A School Hallway

A School Hallway

I remember when we could sit and talk for hours,

whispering about who had a crush on whom.

How we hung out every weekend,

eating ice cream till the day’s end.

And laughing at our inside jokes-

the only ones to exist till someone else spoke.


But now it’s like we’re total strangers.

Swimming in a pool of awkward exchanges.

Almost like we’re in a school hall,

passing each other without so much as a call.


Smiles once genuine now don’t reach the eyes,

waves once meant “hi,”, now all they tell are lies.

Laughs don’t reach past the shield of your teeth,

and conversation…ha…never heard of it.


We know all the faces and know all the names;

yet push past each other with almost no shame.

The connection we had now completely lost,

as we grow apart and become lost in these halls.

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