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Huskies Unleashed

Huskies Unleashed

    On Taylor Swift

    Why are people hating on Taylor Swift?

    Recently, I’ve been seeing many comments and threads about how much people dislike Taylor Swift and that’s what made me originally ask: what’s wrong? Did she do something horrible? Perhaps say something terrible to a minority? None of the above has happened so what went wrong?

    I think the inherent problem is that as someone rises in popularity, so will the number of trolls and haters. Many of the negative comments I see about her are typically about her music, and while I personally like her music, I can understand other’s don’t. But that doesn’t have to equate to openly hating on her. “Taylor Swift is unoriginal and only writes about her ex-boyfriends” — so does everyone else in pop culture. Taylor Swift is popular and therefore she has more fans and more haters.

    While some critics may call her overrated, the fact of the matter is Taylor Swift is making tens of millions of dollars each year so if you can’t respect her music, respect her grind.

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